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Flow Tribe

New Orleans’ own fine purveyors of backbone cracking music. New Orleans’ next generation of second-line street funk!

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Whiskey & Water

What started as a few like-minded individuals with a penchant for sultry melodies and powerful blues vocals has now evolved into a quartet of warm southern sounds that just might get your feet moving and your mind in line. Whiskey & Water is the perfect combination of whiskey-rough drinking sounds and smooth, flowing rhythms that are guaranteed to perfectly accompany any fine bottle of spirits.  From New Orleans blues to dancing-in-the-grass tempos the music of Whiskey & Water is a taste everyone should savor.

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Big Daddy and Red Hot Java

Big Daddy & Red Hot Java testifies through its ministry of Blues peppered with Soul and Jazz. The group has performed overseas many times in several countries through the years – and they always delivering sizzling shows.


Kathy Lyon

Since the 70’s Kathy has been touring and performing across the country. From Washing, D.C.  to worldwide military bases. In 2005, Kathy relocated to Navarre, Florida and has appeared onstage at numerous Pensacola JazzFests and other Jazz Pensacola events, the Jazz-By-The-Bay Festival in Panama City, the Roswell (New Mexico) Jazz Festival, and at the Mid-Atlantic Jazz Festival in Rockville MD (DC area). She continues to be in high demand among the Emerald Coast’s top jazz venues from Mobile to Sarasota. Her plans include adding more regional and national jazz festivals, cruises and first-class jazz venues to her performing schedule.

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Al Martin & Michael J. McCartan

Al Martin has been playing piano and organ since the early 1960s, and during his career, he has taught both at music stores, churches, as part of after-school programs, and privately in homes. He studied music at Pensacola State College and the Berklee College of Music. His recording credits include the Gospel group Seraphim with David Bozeman (“Tell Me Can We Make It”), Sister Eula Huff and the Huff Singers (“God’s Love Is the Best for Us”), instrumental recordings “Requestfully Yours,” “Still Yours,” “At the Social,” and “The Season of Christmas.” Michael J. McCartan’s music history dates back to his childhood, when he traveled the world in a military family. Though the arrangements have shifted with the seasons of life, playing music has been the steadfast constant in his story. He’s become known for his signature Spanish guitar, now signed by many of the musicians he’s shared his journey with throughout the years. In recent years, Michael has spent more time playing guitar and song-writing with a heavy focus on original music.

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David Paul Zimmer

David Paul Zimmer has more than 20 years experience recording, performing, writing, and collaborating. Based in northern Florida, he plays actively as a solo performer and with indie-rock band Driving Lights.

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Dirty Foot String Band (Feat. Paul Arnold & Daniel Hogan)

Dirty Foot is a Tallahassee bluegrass band, formed in 2017. They play reduced tempo fiddle tunes, murder ballads, and originals. The band has performed at Perry Lynn’s, Tekesta Park, and private parties and functions throughout the city. It was organized as a pleasant distraction from the master’s studies and the legal careers of its members.


Ellen Vinson & Bobby van Deusen (Feat. Jessica Edwards and Tori Vinson)

Ellen Vinson attended FSU in the 60s, performing radio and TV spots and music jingles, and singing at a few local venues. For the next 40 or 50 years she taught school and raised five children. During that time her love for jazz continued to grow, though she was listening to jazz more than performing it. Robert van Deusen, a Philadelphia native, began his musical training at age 7. Classically trained, he attended Whetstone School of the Performing Arts. After turning pro in 1976, he toured the Midwest, playing clubs, piano bars and providing concerts. Moving South in 1985 led him to the Rosie O’ Grady’s Dixieland Band, and gigs in New Orleans with Pete Fountain, Al Hirt, and The Dukes.

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The Ladies Of (feat. James Hall)

Johnny Blade, James Hall, Jack Massey, Jaz Jillette, James Wahl, Mark Patrick, Roman Glick, Sam Smithwick and Jeff Tomei have been making music since 1985. Together they are The Ladies Of.

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